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Posted in Polyamory with tags , , , on January 19, 2014 by michella74

An amusing thing happened yesterday.

Panzer and I met The Biker for lunch at a fast food chain. We arrived just a few minutes before The Biker, and were ordering our food when he walked in. He came up to me, gave me a kiss and got in line just one person behind us. I didn’t even think about it. While waiting for our orders, we sat in a booth and talked. It was The Biker’s birthday, but I had arrived with Panzer, so I put Panzer on my left, inside the booth and The Biker across from me. This way, I could hold Panzer’s hand while touching the leg of The Biker with my own leg. I’m not ashamed that I love both of these men and consider them both my husbands, but I realize that for most people, our arrangement is odd, if not evil. So keeping that in mind, I make concessions when I’m out with both of them. I try to choose who I’m “with” in order to keep the stares at a minimum.

Apparently yesterday, I wasn’t as subtle as I thought.

Our order number was called and I walked up to retrieve it just moments before The Biker’s was called. When he reached the counter, the very confused young lady told him that I had just picked up our order. She had seen him kiss me. It was so cute. Part of me just wanted to whisper to her that I was, indeed, with both of them. I thought better of it and just chuckled to myself.

It did make me wonder though how many other people were attempting to figure out the relationship between us. I wasn’t making out with either of them, but I was touching them both and flirting with both of them. (Yes, I still flirt with them. We’re married, not dead.) The three of us were sharing French fries and socializing together. When we left, the guys hugged and Panzer went to my car so I could walk The Biker to his and give him a birthday hug and kiss. After driving off with Panzer, I couldn’t help but looking back to see if the people in the restaurant were staring out the window looking confused. They weren’t…not that I could see anyway.

I love having these sorts of “problems”. Two wonderful men are in love with me, and I’m in love with both of them. How awful. *grin*


Just your typical Monday night…

Posted in Polyamory with tags , on April 23, 2013 by michella74

Ok, so typical for me.

Every Monday I hang out at a local bar about 5 minutes from my house with several of my employees and friends. Sounds quite normal on the surface. Well….not so much.

The earliest I’ve ever arrived is 9:30, but 10:15 is more the “standard”. It’s a 3am bar frequented by many of the local kinksters and poly folk. The music is always good, it’s rare to see someone that no one at the bar knows, and the bartenders know how to take care of their customers. My group of friends and I are there often enough that we have a table with our name on it. Ok, technically it’s a play on the name of my restaurant, but it’s OUR table.¬†On average, our group consists of about 15 people – sometimes more, sometimes less – and we all just sit around bullshitting, talking about kink, and having a good time. Tonight was no different.

I was there with Panzer and The Biker. The Rigger decided to stay home and handcuff himself to his bed for an hour. (He enjoys self-bondage.) Panzer’s girlfriend was there as well, along with a couple of our employees and the boyfriends of one of my employees. (Yes, I’m poly and I hang out with other poly people.) It was a relatively low-key night since several of us had been out drinking last night.

At one point, while The Biker was flirting with another bar regular, I decided to check my phone and see if I’d missed anything important. And that’s when the insanity of my life hit me. I had text messages from Panzer (who’d left already), The Rigger, The Submissive, and The Cop. The Submissive is a woman that I have some interest in, but don’t know that I have time for. The Cop is a man I dated for a few months last year. We’re still friends and talk often. While I was answering those texts, I got a notification of a new Facebook message from another ex – GothBoy.

So, for about 30 minutes tonight, I was chatting with my husband, one of my boyfriends, two of my ex lovers, and a possible new lover…all while having The Biker’s arms wrapped around me. Some people would call this surreal, but for me, it’s become day-to-day life. I’ve almost reached a point of being shocked when I hear that someone only has ONE significant other. Monogamy just seems crazy and so…kinky.