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Apparently definitions vary…

Posted in Ruminations with tags on February 24, 2014 by michella74

This post is kind of a brain purge. It’s short and I’m mostly talking to myself, but feel free to comment if you have any insights.

monogamy: noun

1. Marriage with only one person at a time.

2. The practice of having only one mate.

3. The practice of marrying only once during life.

flirt: verb

1. To behave amorously without serious intent

2. To show superficial or casual interest or liking

Those are the definitions on the Merriam-Webster website. I disagree, and recently have had cause to question whether I’m the only one that would. Three years ago, I was monogamous. I did not kiss, fondle, or fuck anyone but my husband. I flirted, but to quote a friend of mine, my flirting did not look like foreplay. Flirting was harmless joking, perhaps even a touch on the arm, but nothing more than that. In the past three years, I’ve met several people that call themselves monogamous, but apparently feel that anything other than fucking someone else, is staying true to their partner. I’m intrigued by this.

Do most monogamous couples have “agreements” about how far is too far? I know many that have an OPR (One Penis Rule) when it comes to the bisexual female in the couple, but I’m seriously curious about the other rules (and workarounds) that people come up with. And what about people that justify making out with someone other than theirpartner by claiming that their relationship is bad? Again, that just seems like the wrong way to go about fixing things.