Unlock my cage

“I don’t think you like to LET your submissive slut out to play; you like to have her dragged out to play by her hair, kicking and screaming.” This is what Panzer said to me tonight when I was trying to figure out why I like to be slapped in the face. Upon further thought, I have to say that his observation was quite astute.

I’m a Dominant masochist most of the time. And when I’m not, I’m a horribly mean sadist. But then, there are those rare times, when my submissive gets let out of the padlocked cage that she calls home. Sometimes it’s being called a whore, sometimes it takes having a cock shoved into my mouth, sometimes I just need to be caned until I beg for it to stop. But what has been working recently is a good, hard, slap in the face…the kind where I see stars for moment. And I didn’t discover this trick until recently – with The Rigger. He loves face-slapping. I was quite reticent to allow it at first. You see, I have a nostril piercing, an upper lip piercing, and a tongue piercing. I’ve always been frightened of allowing a Top to slap me because of the dangers my jewelry posed. I don’t relish the idea of having gum surgery, or yet another broken tooth, but I’ve been fascinated by the idea of being slapped for quite a while now.

The first time it happened, it was a mistake on The Rigger’s part. He had forgotten that I’d told him not to do it. It was a “heat of the moment” action and I did really see stars. The effect it had on me was…surprising, to say the least. I’ve never turned so submissive so quickly. My cheek was sore for several days and I loved it. A week later I ended up writing a short piece of erotica about things that I found extremely titillating and face-slapping was included. Since then, I almost crave it. Not quite, but almost.

As Panzer pointed out, I don’t enjoy letting my submissive side out. I keep her locked up most of the time because I don’t really enjoy showing that side of myself to anyone. I want to, in fact I enjoy, being seen as the Dominant woman that just happens to be able to withstand a huge amount of pain. The submissive side of me “needs” people. I don’t want to need anyone. I’m a self-sufficient woman that was raised by a self-sufficient woman. How can I have a submissive living inside of me? That can’t be a good thing, right?

Well, sometimes, it’s necessary to let her out. Sometimes, I need to break down my walls and not only LET someone control me, but have no choice about it. And for me, being slapped in the face does it every single time.


3 Responses to “Unlock my cage”

  1. I have read this now a couple of times. And I am nodding…I understand completely how a slap could be used this way.

    I am not a dominant at all, in fact I submit easily to someone to whom I feel that connection: I *want* to submit. It feels right, it feels good. But I am also very much in control and on top in my professional life, and there are times when I *want* to have that control forcibly stripped from me. When I want submission to be compelled, rather than something I offer.

    So yeah…I totally get this.

    So glad you decided to join in, and I am really enjoying your blog!



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