Yes, we have a chart.

Does this help?

Does this help?

I created this chart of our poly family a little while ago at the urging of another poly friend of ours. His family is the same size as mine, but they have several 24/7 Master/slave relationships as well as triads, so their chart is much more complicated. Usually, I wouldn’t include an Ex, but since I mention them in posts, I thought it might make things clearer.

When I created the chart, I was surprised at how complicated it appeared. Everything seems so easy in my head. But looking at it as an outsider, I can understand why people give us strange looks when we attempt to explain it. I’ve become very fond of saying, “If this were an easy way to live, everyone would do it.”


One Response to “Yes, we have a chart.”

  1. Evil Laugh Guy Says:

    In my head I an now giving everyone I play with a nickname….

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